Love life. Fight cancer (English)

Commissioned by Fight Cancer and Square Melon, Wefilm produced a one-minute online and cinema film in which a life flashes by on the basis of universal life memories. Recognizable images of beautiful moments and special memories of life. Because you never know at what age the disease strikes, in the online film we introduced a randomized ending. The moment cancer interrupts your life is variable, and changes every time you watch the film. The film has been showed in Dutch cinemas in 2011. For director Lennart Verstegen, this film was his director's debute after graduating at the Dutch Film Academy. The film was shortlisted at the Cannes Lions Young Director's Award 2011.

Client: KWF Kankerbestrijding
Agency: Square Melon
Creatives: Jesse Ridder, Frank Schippers & Pero Gouwerok
Director: Lennart Verstegen
Production: Wefilm
D.O.P.: Martijn van Broekhuizen